4 Ways You’re Killing Your Phone (Without Even Realizing It)

Our phones are like a limb — an extension of our being that we can’t function properly without. The reason why a lot of us invest in cases and insurance plans is because if we drop our phones on the way to work or spill something on it during lunch, we won’t have to worry about figuratively having to amputate our limb.

But no matter how much we try to keep our phones safe from the obvious culprits, such as blunt force and moisture, it's the seemingly harmless things that we do on a regular basis that cause our phones to break slowly but surely. Here are 4 things you usually do that you had no idea could ruin your phone:

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Exposing it to extreme temperatures.
Sometimes, during a particularly hot summer day, we leave the air conditioner on the entire time. Sure, you'll feel cool and comfortable, but if your phone is in a place that’s too cold at one point and then somewhere too hot the next, that’s actually doing some pretty serious damage.

Since phones are almost purely electronic, keeping them cool is a must. If the internal components are exposed to excess heat or cold, you can bet your bottom dollar you’re going to have to send that back to your carrier for a replacement.

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Throwing it into your bag.
You usually just throw your phone in your bag, especially when you're in a hurry. You don’t worry about it getting scratched or beat up because you have a case and screen protector in place. Your exterior may be safe, but the damage is probably happening inside the phone — shocker!

Like most electronic devices, smartphones can have loose parts inside the housing. And like most electronic devices, if you keep shaking it around, these parts will eventually dislodge and the phone will stop working properly. So if you’re planning on putting your device inside your bag, make sure to slip it inside a secured pocket (it's there for a reason) that will prevent it from flying around.

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Letting kids use it.
When you’re visiting relatives for the holidays, the best part of your vacation can be playing with the litter of children your aunts and uncles never seem to stop producing. Kids are fun and energetic, but if one of them starts pawing at the smartphone in your pocket, asking to play “Kandy Kwush”, don’t be so quick to say yes.

Children have tiny hands and are notorious for being hyperactive, so a big jump and a loose grip can send your phone flying across the room like in the game Angry Birds. Make sure the kids are sitting still when they’re using your smartphone and keep an eye on them. It can save you from the stress of a broken phone and a kid crying his eyes out.

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Using the wrong charger.
When your first iPhone charger finally snaps (like they usually do), you might be tempted to pick up a cheap, off-brand charger from some shady electronics store. Although you may save a few bucks in the process, the damage the wrong charger can do to your battery can become a rather expensive regret later on.

When an iPhone user in China got fatally electrocuted when she charged her phone with an off-brand charger, Apple immediately launched the USB Power Adaptor Takeback Programme, which highlighted the dangers of using the wrong charger for your device. So always invest in a manufacturer-approved charger, whether it's for Apple or Samsung. It’s well worth your money!

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