5 Ways You Can Protect Your Phone (Without Even Trying)

Smartphones aren’t exactly the most durable devices., but they’re so essential to daily life that they are easily subjected to different elements, making them vulnerable to breakage and other types of damage. This is why it’s a good idea to take extra care and know what steps to take to avoid damage.

Here are five of the top tips you can follow to make sure your phone stays protected, without breaking a sweat.

1. Get a good quality phone case.

Cases are your friend when it comes to preventing scuffed corners, cracked screens and more. Users who are prone to handing over their devices to kids would do well with a reliable protective case to avoid permanent damage. Buy a case with a raised lip or beveled edge so that it really holds your phone and keeps everything intact even if you drop it. You also need a case that has a grip so that your phone won't slip so easily from your hands.

2. Put your phone in your bag, not your pocket.

Shirt and pants pockets are the most common places you keep your phone safe and close to your person. But if you keep it in a shirt pocket and you lean down, it's gonna fall. And if you keep it in your back pocket, I can't imagine it being very comfortable for you or secure for your phone. Your best bet is putting it in the bag or the suitcase you bring with you everyday, so you know you won't accidentally sit on it on the subway.

3. Keep your eyes forward.

Texting while walking can lead to bumping into people and stationary objects, which can result in dropping and breaking your phone. If you find that you need to send a text while in a crowded area, sit down or step aside for a bit so you can concentrate. Tempered glass screen protectors are also a good idea just to make sure that you won’t end up breaking your screen.

4. Install a phone stand on your car dashboard.

Sometimes, you’re in a hurry and you toss your phone on the seat or even forget that you put it on the roof of your car. Just to keep things in check, make sure that you have a designated spot for your phone in your car. This is where phone holders come in, allowing you to drive and still be able to use your phone for calls, directions and more. Of course, texting while driving is a non-negotiable no.

5. Stay away from water. 

Beaches, lakes and pools are just some of the most picturesque places to take your phone to. But your phone isn't a fish. Water can be dangerous for your phone if you’re not careful. Always leave your phone in a dry place, if you can help it, but if you must take it with you when you’re out in the water, then make sure to invest in a high-quality waterproof case. Other places where your phone could take a swim include toilets, bathtubs and sinks, so be extra careful.

Bonus: Top quality protection is the answer!

Prevention is always best when it comes to your phone, so opt for a device protection package that lets you enjoy all your activities without having to worry. Whether you need protection from water, snow, dust or breakage, you can find what you need at Liquipel.

Best of all, getting the protection you want and need is easy with the SafeGuard Protection Package — you get a shockproof case, screen protector and phone insurance all for the price of one!

Don’t take chances when it comes to your phone. Make sure to make the right choice for protection.