Invisible Screen Protection With GhostGuard

GhostGuard is a liquid screen protector designed to keep your device's screen secure from unavoidable scratches and abrasions by simply wiping the product on your screen. It utilizes award-winning nano-technology to fortify your device’s screen with a scratchproof surface.

What sets GhostGuard apart from other screen protectors is that it’s so thin, it’s virtually invisible to the naked eye. Rated at 9H on the hardness scale, it offers heavy-duty toughness that will safeguard your phone’s screen from grazes and impacts that come with everyday use.

GhostGuard not only protects your screen, it aims to protect your health as well. Viruses and bacteria will always find a way from your fingers to your screen. This can be counteracted with GhostGuard’s liquid film, which eliminates 99.9% of germs as they come in contact with air. This guarantees you a more sanitary experience as you swipe and tap on your phone.

To make matters more convenient, GhostGuard is also made to fit any device, regardless of make or model. It also comes with Liquipel’s “You Break It, We Fix it” Guarantee, promising you that if your screen protector breaks even after applying it correctly, we’ll cover the repair costs up to $150!

GhostGuard will give you 100% protection for 0% effort with its easy wipe-on application and 9H sapphire hardness. Get one at any Sam's Club near you or get it from our shop for additional promos and discounts!