3 Best Dive Sites In The World

Underwater life has fascinated us ever since we were children. Whether it was because we watched The Little Mermaid too many times, or were big fans of Waterworld growing up, we can’t deny how truly mesmerizing sea life is… or how luscious Kevin Costner’s hair was in that film.

Floating through underwater currents while basking in the view of the rich and diverse marine life is one for the books. The experience is a different one each time and that’s what attracts every diver out there. While there are countless places that offer great dives, only very few stand out. Here are 3 of the best dive sites in the world today.

Barracuda Point, Sipadan Island, Malaysia

Barracuda Point, located northeast of Sipadan Island, is Malaysia’s most well-known dive site. The site got its name from the thousands of barracuda that thrive there, swirling by the hundreds around eager divers — which is to say that experiencing this first-hand would be much like starring in the movie Sharknado, minus the awful CGI, terrible acting and silly plotline.

Barracuda Point is also home to a plethora of marine life, including turtles, batfish, whitetip sharks and nudibranchs. To say that this world-class dive site is the stuff dreams are made of would be an understatement. It’s sunny all year round and a cool, soothing breeze is never far off.

Blue Corner Wall, Palau, Micronesia

For the adventurous folks out there, the strong and unpredictable currents in Blue Corner Wall would definitely get your heart rates up. Apart from tough currents, another thing that makes this site a challenging dive is because it’s infested with sharks and a myriad of large sea creatures that may or may not have a taste for unsuspecting divers. So, dive at your own peril.

If sharks and robust currents don’t faze you, then you’re in for a real treat because excitement lurks at every corner. As you float in the calm blue waters, an overwhelming concentration of other forms of marine life will suddenly interrupt the stillness as they go into a feeding frenzy. If you move fast enough, you’ll be able to catch it all on camera. If you don’t, then you just might get eaten alive! I’m kidding, of course!

The Yongala, Queensland, Australia

If history and tragedies are your thing, the SS Yongala wreck site might just be what you’re looking for. After the SS Yongala went missing during a cyclone in 1911, it took more than 40 years before it was found again. Now, it is an underwater refuge for sharks, turtles, sea snakes, eagle rays and even humpback whales.

Up to this day, no one really knows for sure what happened to the SS Yongala, which makes the mystery that shrouds its fate fodder to diving enthusiasts from all over the globe. The whole experience has proven to be a mix of awe and melancholia for all those who have seen it and one that elicits envy for those who haven’t.


If there’s one thing you can’t do in places like the ones mentioned above, it’s staying on the shore and lounging under the sun. Sure, it’s safer and you get to have a beautiful bronzed glow afterwards, but you won’t live your life to the fullest.

So, get your diving gear and camera phones ready and go on a dive tomorrow! Just make sure that your phone’s protected by a reliable <ahref="https://www.liquipel.com/products/aquaguard">waterproof case like the ones from Liquipel. Have fun!