GhostGuard: Your Phone’s Guardian Angel

For years, we have been subjected to the torture of seeing a beloved phone accidentally fall down a flight of stairs or skim, face-down, along the side of the street. More often than not, they always succumb to the effects of such trauma and die a tragic death. And if they are spared from these unfortunate events, they are often exposed to blunt force trauma that cause their screens to shatter. You’re lucky if you can still see the screen properly, because then you can still use it with the risk of getting your fingers impaled by shards of glass.

Yes, it’s a tough world out there for a smartphone. It’s next to impossible to avoid scratches or cracks on your phone screen, especially if you live a very active lifestyle. There have been a number of products on the market that promise you protection for your phone screen against cracks and scratches without the added bulk, but none of them hold a candle to what Liquipel’s GhostGuard can offer you.

You may be wondering, “How on earth can such a thin coating provide such a reliable kind of protection for my phone?” The answer is simple.

Created by award-winning nanocoating technology, GhostGuard is made specifically for people who are tired of shattered screens, high insurance deductibles, costly repairs and bulky protective cases. It is an invisible liquid screen protector that, when dry, is able to shield screens from scrapes and cracks because of its 9H sapphire hardness — all for an affordable price of $39.99.

The great thing about this product is that it’s not limited to smartphones alone. You can also use Liquipel’s GhostGuard for tablets and wearable devices, regardless of their make or model. Another amazing feature is that the surface has anti-microbial qualities that inhibit germs from growing, keeping you and other people who borrow your phone safe from contagions.

And if that doesn’t sound amazing enough for you, Liquipel’s GhostGuard comes with a very convenient $100 “You Break It, We Fix It” guarantee as well as a year’s worth of protection plan. This is because the folks at Liquipel have so much faith in the tech behind GhostGuard and what it can offer to its consumers.

Say goodbye to worrying about scratches and cracks on your device’s screen for good by purchasing one of Liquipel’s proven and tested products today! We promise you, you won’t be sorry.