5 Ways to Keep Your Phone Safe During Festivals

Albeit fun and exciting for you and your friends, festivals can rain hell on your phone if you don’t take the necessary precautions. Fickle weather, accidental drops and sticky hands are just some of the threats that your smartphone will face while you’re in the midst of festival euphoria.
But, fear not! There are several ways to protect your phone from all the elements and ensure that you go home with it still functional and in one piece. Here are 7 ways to keep your phone safe during festivals.

Get phone insurance.

Festivals are notorious for lost phones and you would enjoy yourself better knowing that you could easily get a replacement if you lose the one you already have through a decent phone insurance plan.

Phone insurance isn’t as expensive as what most people think. Deductibles are way cheaper than non-contract devices and a small price to pay when you’re a person who heavily relies on a phone for work or daily life.

Bring an extra battery pack.

Bringing an extra battery pack will ensure that you have further power source when your phone’s juice runs out. This is crucial if you happen to lose your phone in the festival venue. Just see to it that you buy a battery pack from your phone’s manufacturer since third-party products could cause potential damage to your device.

Place your phone in a secure pouch.

With all the moving and grooving that you’re going to do, merely sliding your phone inside your back pocket would be a bad idea. It’s important to place your device inside a pouch that’s safe from the elements and sticky fingers, such as rain and mud. If you don’t have a waterproof pouch, you can always wear something with zip-up pockets.

Activate your phone’s tracking feature.

Activating your phone’s tracking feature is key when going out and about in crowded places. Before leaving your home, make sure your battery is fully charged and activate the tracker so you’ll have one less thing to worry about.

If your phone does not have a phone tracking feature, worry not. You can easily download an app from a secured site before you start partying.

Get a reliable protective phone case.

Festivals are a real treat, most especially if the music is right up your alley. You can make the most out of the whole experience by worrying about your phone less and dancing to your favorite tunes more. Get yourself a reliable ArmorTEK case that comes with a shatterproof screen guard like Liquipel's SafeGuard Protection Package so that your phone is protected from the detrimental effects of accidental drops and blunt force.

Whatever kind of festival you’re going to, just make sure to follow the 5 tips mentioned above and have fun!