3 Accessories That Protect Your Phone Without Obstructing its Design

While smartphones are essential to daily living, they can come at such exorbitant prices. The fact that they’re becoming more delicate than ever doesn’t help with the anxiety of keeping them shiny and safe. It’s as if the more manufacturers pack their smartphones with all these amazing features, the more fragile their cases become.

So like any normal yet anxiety-ridden smartphone owner, you resort to packing them inside tacky protective cases that do absolutely nothing to showcase your device’s incredible design and sleekness. You may tell yourself that the tradeoff is worth it, but is it really?

Lucky for you, there are other ways to protect your phone from scratches, drops and cracks without having to sacrifice aesthetics. Here are 3 simple yet incredible products that can rid you of your smartphone worries.


Gel skins.

Gel skins are accessories that stick to the backs of smartphones with the help of an adhesive that can be peeled off and stuck back on again without leaving any sticky deposits or discolorations on your device. Most gel skins come in all sorts of colors, some even match your phone’s color perfectly that you’d have to check twice just to make sure it’s there.

The great thing about gel skins is that they don’t add any noticeable thickness to your device. This way, your phone gets to have the much-needed shock protection while staying true to its size and design. Another feature that you might like about gel skins is that they have an unusual rubbery feel to them that renders your smartphone slip-proof, making them almost impossible to knock off of any flat surface.

The rubber-like texture, however, doesn’t get in the way of ease since your device will slip in and out of your pocket with no trouble at all. One downside the gel skin has is that it does nothing to protect your phone’s screen from cracking.


Phone rings.

Phone rings have only been in the market for a short time but people already can’t use their devices properly without one. If you suffer from a severe case of butterfingers, you could certainly use one of these babies.

Phone rings are designed in a way that, when installed properly, makes it virtually impossible for you to drop your phone. There are two parts to this humble yet brilliant accessory: a plastic base that is fitted on the back of your smartphone or flat-back case and a metal ring that extends from the base. All you have to do is slip one of your fingers through the metal ring and you now have a firm grip on your smartphone with little-to-no chances of ever dropping it.

The metal ring is able to rotate so as to make sure that your hand is comfortable in any angle. The ring can also be used as a landscape stand for your phone when you’re watching videos or video chatting via Skype, FaceTime or Facebook Messenger.

While the phone ring addresses a horde of issues in a much affordable and attractive way, it still can’t safeguard your phone’s screen from cracks or scratches, which brings us to…


Screen protectors.

Regular screen protectors are already exceedingly thin, with some up to around 0.15mm. But did you know that they can still get thinner? A lot thinner.
Simple liquid screen protectors can be found flooding the market today. They are one of the thinnest in the world but can protect your phone from unforgiving external forces as much as the regular tempered glass slab.

The amazing thing about this protective accessory is that it’s not even an accessory, but more like a screen coating that has up to 9 sapphire hardness. Nano liquid glass protectors can make your phone screen invulnerable from irreversible cracks and scratches, preserving its perfect luster for a really long time.
If you pair this screen protector with either a high-quality gel case or a sturdy phone ring, you will significantly lower your phone’s chances of getting unsightly cracks on its screen or dents on its original casing.

If you think about it, you certainly don’t need to sacrifice your phone’s tasteful design to keep your phone looking brand new. Liquipel’s GhostGuard Protection Package comes with a simple wipe on glass-like screen protector that is considered the thinnest in the world.

GhostGuard is created using Liquipel’s award-winning nano coating technology and is sure to safeguard your phone from shattered screens and your wallet from costly repairs. With GhostGuard, you get to protect your phone without the help of tacky or bulky casings. GhostGuard is the invisible protection your phone needs.