Drawing Strength From Solidarity — The Liquipel Campaign

Amidst the dread and mud, the people of Houston, Texas came home to a city that has been reduced to mere ruins. Mother Nature has proven to be, time and time again, a wicked muse. Wherever you look gray, insidious flood waters were generous with their rations, making what once were green grass, paved roads and bricked sidewalks disappear from view. It was clear Harvey wasn’t made to be finicky, sentencing both the affluent and destitute. Residents are at a loss, both for hope and words, as they try to salvage what the tempest left in its wake.

As of today, the death toll from the squall has reached a heartbreaking number of 63 while several thousands more are displaced. In a time when resolve is weak, when anger and sadness envelop the soul, look for the helpers — these are angels disguised as ordinary people who step up and extend a helping hand to those who need it the most. They are living testaments that even though mankind is not without his faults, he is still capable of doing good.

We at Liquipel know of this truth and believe in it fervently. In part of our interest to help make life tolerable for the victims of Hurricane Harvey, we are donating 10% of our total profits to charities assisting in the recovery efforts for the melancholy residents of Houston, Texas.

Join us in our cause by purchasing our GhostGuard Invisible Screen Protection package from our online store or from partner outlets, such as Sam’s club and Wal-Mart. Help make the world a tad better as you enjoy award-winning screen protection for your phone. Support our mission today!