Handheld Device or Petri Dish?: The Disgusting Truth About Smartphones

No matter how many times we wash our hands, there is no amount of disinfecting that can assure us that we won’t be coming into contact with any kind of vector of viruses or bacteria. These unassuming yet potentially sinister agents could come in many forms, including the ubiquitous smartphone. Yes, you heard it right. Your most treasured handheld device is one of the filthiest things in your life right now, with 11,020 germs per square inch — more ghastly than your average toilet seat, with only 50 bacteria per square inch, according to studies conducted by Dr. Chuck Gerba, Professor of Microbiology at the University of Arizona.

dirty dropped iphone

It comes as a great surprise to people why a toilet seat, something that is in close proximity to fecal matter, is so much cleaner than the beloved phone. The answer is simple — we fear the filthiness of our toilet seats with the fervor of a thousand suns, which is why we clean it feverishly on a regular basis. Our phones, on the other hand, are with us most of the time that we don’t think much of it coming into contact with so many surfaces that could be breeding grounds for methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus or Escherichia coli, including restaurant tables and human hands (yes, even your very own mitts have betrayed us). Couple that with the heat generated by our bodies and the device itself, and you get a thriving germ ecosystem right in the palm of your hands.

dirty iPhone on the ground

If you think this is alarming, you are not alone. So how can you help mitigate the number of germs on your phone? Two things come to mind: Cleaning your device religiously and investing in anti-bacterial phone screen treatments.

The first one is rather obvious. One must find products that not only clean your phone, but also disinfect them. Avoid spritzing water on your device as the excess moisture can damage its circuitry. Also stay away from using body wipes since they are soaked in lots of alcohol that could seep into your phone’s system and cause irreparable harm. Use only antibacterial wipes that are manufactured specifically to clean and disinfect electronics.

The second one is a bit hard to track down since not a lot of the phone screen treatments in the market can hit the nail on the head when it comes to effective anti-bacterial properties. Lucky for you we have just the solution — Liquipel’s GhostGuard Invisible Screen Protection Package.

GhostGuard is mainly recognized for protecting your smartphone’s screen from cracks and scratches brought about by untoward external forces, but not a lot of people know of its great anti-microbial feature. While some products only claim to have 99.9% bacterial protection, GhostGuard offers a totally germ-free surface — limiting cross-contamination between your skin and your phone and leaving you and your family less vulnerable to contagions.

Waste time no further! Get yourself and everyone you love a GhostGuard Invisible Screen Protection Package and live a healthier, more secured life today!