Smartphone Culture: Digging Deeper Into Smartphones

Ever since visionaries like Steve Jobs were given carte blanche on handheld technologies like the smartphone, a significant portion of the world’s population now cannot function properly without one. In the last 10 years, our mobile phones have greatly changed the way we live our lives. Not only do we have unrestricted access to the internet, but we also have the freedom to connect with other people wherever they may be. Add the advent of social media and how it altered the way we perceive privacy, communication and free time to the mix, and you now have a multitasking powerhouse in the palm of your hands.

While the smartphone has truly revolutionized how things are done, it also caused us to be less inclined to put it down or engage with our peers on a more personal level. Below is an infographic crafted to showcase just how dependent we have become on our devices and how it has transformed the way we deal with daily life.

Mobile phone cultures and stats

As with most things we enjoy, smartphones must be relished in moderation. Technology was never meant to be used as a crutch, only as a tool to make life easier. This caveat, while usually met with eye-rolls and flippant giggles, holds more weight than you realize and you would be doing yourself a huge favor by heeding it.

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