5 Tips in Surviving Flights With Your Kids

Traveling from one place to another is stressful enough when you’re all by your lonesome. Add children to the mix and you now have a recipe for disaster… unless you plan ahead. There is an art to traveling with kids that you need to master in order to have a fun, stress-free time, from departure to landing.

This article talks about five foolproof ways that can make the entire journey more tolerable not just for you and your child, but for everyone else traveling with you as well. Let’s begin!


Make sure every airport has all the amenities you and your child will need.

Baby playing with blocks

Prior to booking that ticket, make sure that every airport stopover has the resources that will keep your child entertained while you wait for your next flight, including a well-maintained playground or kiddie center. Most airports nowadays have made sure that everyone is well attended to, so this shouldn’t be much of an issue.


See to it that your flight schedules are synced to your child’s nap times.

Baby Sleeping

Whoever is booking your plane tickets should be made aware of your kid’s sleep cycle. While cheap flights are always welcome, one also has to make sure that you and your child are as comfortable as possible. If the cheaper flight means that you have to brave a 10-hour layover and an arduous connecting flight setup, opt for the slightly expensive choice instead. Otherwise, you’ll end up with a cranky, sleepless toddler and a lot of angry stares the entire way.


Keep your child comfortable.

Baby wearing glasses

Your child may look adorable in that monster costume, but that type of outfit is quite hard to get out of after an “accident” and can get really hot if you’re inside a poorly ventilated area. So make sure to dress your child in roomy clothes or cute pajamas that you can layer to suit changing temperatures. Also taking a pillow along is a good bet since your child can always benefit from having something to snuggle up to when they sleep.


Have all your child’s essentials in one carry-on bag.

Baby kissing stuffed toy

Healthy snacks, extra clothes, baby wipes, first-aid kits and medications should be stored inside your carry-on instead of your suitcase so as to make them more accessible when you need them the most. Majority of traveling parents have made the mistake of not doing this and have lived to regret it.


If all else fails, turn to technology.

Baby playing with phone

We all want what’s best for our children, especially with the kinds of shows or games they’re exposed to in this day and age. But when push comes to shove, we are allowed to give in once in a while. Before the day of your flight, make sure to load all your child’s favorite games, TV shows or songs on your phone or iPad. Not only will these keep them entertained throughout the whole trip, but it will buy you some time to get that much-needed shut eye as well — talk about hitting two birds with one stone!


Just remember to keep your gadgets germ-free before you hand them to your child by cleaning them on a regular basis. You can also use products that have antimicrobial properties, such as GhostGuard, to double up on protection. Not only does GhostGuard protect your phone from germs, it also makes sure that your gadget’s screen is safe from accidental drops and scratches.

And there you have it — five foolproof tips and tricks to make long-haul flights more bearable for you and your child. Take them to heart and you are sure to have a stress-free journey.