7 Expert Safety Tips for Solo Female Travelers

Taking on the world solo is already unnerving as it is. As a woman, it becomes even more daunting with all the violence done against the female population reported on the daily news. The good thing is that a lot of women voyagers never let this stop them from crossing oceans and immersing in different cultures. The bad news is that when it comes to matters of safety, this is still a significant cause for worry.

So how does one stay safe while traversing this rather formidable world? Here are 7 things every solo female traveler must take to heart:


Educate Yourself and Always Go With Your Instincts.

Do thorough research on a place’s problem areas and issues before traveling to them. You have the Internet at your disposal, so use the heck out of it! Get really into it, too! Check out travel forums for specific places and don’t be afraid to ask questions. The greatest and most endearing thing about women is that they tend to stick together, so ask away and find out whatever you can!

Arming yourself with all the right information could be your saving grace. However, it pays to also listen to your gut. If something feels off, regardless of reason, it probably is. Steer clear from it and know where to draw the line with people — better be rude and safe than polite and sorry.


Be Alert So You Won’t Look Vulnerable.

If there’s one thing looters are on the look-out for, it’s a tourist who looks exposed. This is where you need to get creative in hiding your money and valuables. Instead of putting them inside your backpack or pocket, place it inside your shoe, bra or body bag. Avoid using earphones while listening to music since this tells thieves that you have an expensive smartphone somewhere in your bag or pockets.

Always walk like you mean business. If a thief sees that you look like you know the place like a local, they tend to move their target elsewhere. Pickpockets can smell a tourist from a mile away. And if you dress like one, you’re most likely to become a target. So wear place- and time-appropriate clothing. Always!

Another thing to remember is to never get drunk, leave your drink unattended or accept any pills from someone you barely know.


Interact and Befriend Locals.

Nobody knows a place better than the natives. So don’t shy away from befriending one. Ask friends and family members if they know anybody in the place you’re going to, enroll yourself in local Zumba or yoga classes, or join a guided excursion. If all else fails, make friends out of fellow women travellers! The more the merrier, right?


Move Safely From One Place to Another.

When it comes to booking a hotel, know when to splurge and when to save — you’d sleep so much better in a slightly expensive place within a safe neighborhood than in a cheap room in a shady area. Also choose taking an Über over walking alone as the former is equipped with the technology to track your every move. And if you must walk, walk close to other people or crowds, especially at night! If you feel like you’re being followed, get inside the nearest shop or café.

Write down your accommodation’s name, address and phone number just in case you forget or when your phone runs out of juice. Furthermore, when it comes to booking a flight, choose a schedule that enables you to arrive at your destination in broad daylight.


Have These Important Items With You.

When you’re in a new place, you can never be too careful. So feel free to arm yourself with a can of pepper spray, a door stop alarm, a flashlight and a baggage lock for those “just in case” moments.


Stay Connected.

You should feel #blessed to be born in the social media generation. Regularly updating your Facebook, Twitter or IG account is a great way to let the world know you’re still alive and well. Just make sure to never give out specific details, like your hotel’s name or address.

Smartphones make it easy to connect to friends and family members. So if you’re not big on social media, you can always choose to call home instead. This is why you need to keep your devices safe from unnecessary scratches, cracks and damages by investing in reliable mobile phone cases like SafeGuard Black by Liquipel. They offer to shoulder at least $150 in expenses if your device breaks while inside their protective case, which makes them the go-to company for travelling and active-lifestyle enthusiasts.


Have Fun.

Let’s not forget why you went on this trip in the first place! Whether it’s for the purpose of finding yourself or just plain self-indulgence, never forget to have fun! Go live your life today!