How to Get Through Black Friday Unscathed

Brace yourselves. Black Friday is coming — the morning-after-Thanksgiving-dinner shopping extravaganza that has become as much a part of the whole affair as grandma’s mashed potatoes and turkey.

The biggest shopping weekend on the face of the Earth may be the most exciting thing for most, but some individuals (perhaps you included) prefer to stay indoors… away from the violent-bordering-on-homicidal shopaholics of the consumerist jungle.

But before you dismiss the delightful idea of possibly being stomped alive in a massive sea of crazed-foaming-in-the-mouth sale enthusiasts, we’re here to let you know that Black Friday – as frightening and exhausting as it may seem – can still be fun… and safe.

Nobody has to die get hurt! That’s our promise. Just take the following tips to heart and you’re guaranteed to croak live another day.


Plan properly.

You need to think about a few things first, such as deciding how you will pay for all the useless stuff you’re going to buy and setting a limit on how much you can spend on these said useless stuff. If possible, use only one credit card for all your purchases. Also make sure to keep a photocopy of your card in case it gets lost amidst the beautiful chaos.

If you’re pining for a high-demand item, make sure to call the store ahead of time to find out what time they open so you’d know whether you need to come with a sleeping bag the night before a few hours earlier. It’s also wise to fill up your gas tank beforehand in case it takes you longer to find a parking spot or you get delayed by the impending zombie apocalypse weather.

Before you leave the house, make sure your smartphone is all juiced up, in case of emergencies. It’s also wise to bring a portable charger with you for when you run out of battery because you can’t stop Instagramming about every item you find.


Pick a secure spot preferably an underground bunker and remember where you parked.

The trick is to keep calm and take your time. It’s a given that parking will be hellish during this period, so might as well just carefully select a less crowded, properly lit spot and avoid unnecessary fist fights arguments or accidents with fellow shoppers.

Before leaving your car, make a mental note of where you left it. Or better yet, take a selfie picture or video of what you see straight ahead to avoid aimlessly wandering while looking for your car a few hours later.


Get rid of all the junk in your trunk.

If you plan on going to two or more stores, the safest place to leave your bags of expensive useless goodies is your car’s trunk. Make sure you free up as much space as you can before you go on your little shopping excursion for a smoother store-to-store transition.


Use a small bag to carry your wallet and phone in.

Since your hands will be preoccupied with shopping bags, it’s only smart to bring a small yet secure purse for your wallet and smartphone. We know all too well how people can get carried away with the frenzy of acquiring new stuff, which is why you must never forget to keep your purse close and secured, but not to the point of becoming inaccessible when you need your stuff for emergencies.

Be smart. Keep a photocopy of your credit card and protect your smartphone with Liquipel’s reliable SafeGuard Protection Package (also in black), just in case.  Shameless self-promotion, am I right?


Watch your step and be aware of your surroundings.

It’s easy to get into an accident in a giant crowd, particularly when people are elbowing and shoving each other to get dibs on those gorgeous pair of suede boots or that crisp, high-resolution smart TV. If you do get hurt, ask help from the staff and seek medical treatment right away.

As far as confrontations and aggressive behaviors are concerned, pretend you’re an Avenger and save the day don’t be a hero. Get somewhere safe and let security handle them. Also remember to never buy more stuff than your Donald Trump little hands can carry. Otherwise, you may as well put a giant sign on your forehead that says “Rob me!” if you, perchance, bump into some shady people in the parking area.


And there you have it! The key safety tips that you need to remember before you divide and conquer every sale with your mighty Black American Express! See? Black Friday doesn’t sound too bad now, does it?

Happy shopping!