9 Reasons Why Smartphones Make Traveling Better

We get it — it’s your first time traveling to a foreign land and you’re scared out of your wits. What if something scary happens? What if you leave your passport or boarding pass at home? What if you get lost?

Whatever your concerns are, you can sleep soundly tonight knowing that it’s not going to be that bad as long as you have your trusty smartphone with you. Here are 9 reasons why smartphones make traveling so much better.


Smartphones make airports tolerable.

I don’t know about you, but airports make me anxious. There are so many things that can go wrong! And don’t get me started on the endless lines just to get your boarding pass or check in your luggage. Lucky for you, airports have made online check-ins and mobile boarding passes possible. So you can now use your smartphone to skip the lines and just be on your merry way.


Smartphones make sightseeing easier.

Apps that help you find hidden treasures or get to know people who do are now on the iStore, ready for you to download. These interactive apps will make it easier for you to explore and discover a place’s sights, customs and people.


Smartphones make renting a car a breeze.

Say goodbye to the hassles of finding a reputable establishment you can rent decent cars from. With a touch of a button, you can now book a car using reliable apps. What’s great is that you can also avoid getting tricked into buying unnecessary insurance. Some rent-a-car apps also have a feature that helps you locate your vehicle easily, eliminating the possibility of taking forever to find your car at the parking lot.


Smartphones make hotels even more convenient.

No more awkward late-night calls to the front desk! Hotels are made even more comfortable for travelers like you. Some now have apps that allow you to unlock your room or request room service, spa treatments and wake-up calls.


Smartphones make sending updates to family and friends faster.

Postcards taking forever to reach home? You obviously won’t be able to relate now that you have your trusty smartphone. Instant message your vacation photos to your friends and family to make them jealous of all the fun you’re having on your trip.


Smartphones make sunbathing more fun.

Books are great to pass the time by the pool or beach, but they just take up too much space in your luggage. No matter! Download your favorite books on your smartphone and problem solved!


Smartphones make translating foreign texts possible.

Traveling to a foreign country is daunting enough. It becomes so much scarier if the locals don’t speak a sliver of English. Tu no hablas Español? Good thing you don’t have to be multilingual to fix this problem. Look up apps that efficiently translate foreign texts to English and you’re all set.


Smartphones make moving from one place to another safer.

In this day and age, finding a mobile map that has access to any place around the world is not difficult. Arm yourself with one of these apps to keep yourself away from dark alleys and never get lost again.


Smartphones make uploading photos faster and saving photos easier.

DSLR cameras are awesome but they’re just too bulky and expensive. Lucky for you, your smartphone is already fitted with a high-definition camera to document your entire trip. Think about it: you’ll no longer need to convert raw photos into social media-friendly formats or sizes. If you’re not big on social media platforms, you can use your smartphone as a mobile photo album.


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