4 Things to Pack Before Traveling Abroad

When you have all your flights and accommodations booked and ready, the only real thing standing in your way from a great holiday is your luggage. Regardless if you’re a veteran jet-setter or a travel newb, you’ll be doing yourself a solid if you do a rundown of what items you need to pack, because let’s face it — one can never be too prepared for international travel. Below is a list that will help you make sure you've got everything you need.


The main luggage.

Wherever you’re travelling to, you have to make sure that you bring a luggage that is multipurpose, lightweight and big enough to hold all your travel essentials. Four-wheeled luggage is always a good way to keep the weight off your wrist and shoulders. What’s more is that you can just effortlessly roll your bag from point A to point B.


The basics.

When we say “basics” what we really mean is the kind of clothes that make sense for the place you’re going to. So apart from comfortable walking shoes, loose shirts and clean underwear, your wardrobe must be weather-appropriate. If your destination is prone to rain and cold weather, packing a windbreaker, umbrella or jacket would be wise. But you’re going somewhere tropical, T-shirts, hats, tank tops and lightweight clothing that can be layered would be enough. So, don’t just predict the weather, check it!


The toiletries.

Always keep your toiletry bag light and TSA-compliant. Keep liquids, gels, aerosols, creams and pastes below 100mL or less per container and stored in a 1 quart-sized, clear, plastic zip-top bag. Personal hygiene items, such as your toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant and soap must be present at all times. You also can’t forget your first aid kit, prescription meds, wet wipes and toilet paper, just in case.


The carry-on bag.

Your carry-on bag must have anything you’ll want and need with you on the flight or while on the go. Important travel documents, IDs, cash and credit cards are the most obvious ones here, yet some people still forget them amidst the rush and excitement.


To stay hydrated, don’t forget your water bottle. Also keep your camera, laptop, iPad, E-reader, smartphone and their respective chargers handy for those can’t-be-helped moments. Keeping travel and language guides are also a big life saver. Keep your electronics, most especially your smartphone, safe from damage by investing in reliable lifeproof cases. With Liquipel’s SafeGuard Black Edition Protection Bundle, you’re not only getting a sleek and reliable protective casing, you’re also receiving a $150 guarantee if your phone gets damaged — all for $39.99! Check out www.liquipel.com today and find out how you can get your hands on one.


And there you have it — the 4 things that you need to remember to up your chances of having a fun international getaway. Just keep these things in mind and you’re sure to have the best time of your life!