Will We See an iPhone 9 This Year?

The rumor mill for this year's iPhone has been churning theories since 2017. Despite the iPhone X just being launched, Apple’s yearly iPhone release cycle means that their devoted followers are always looking for the next big thing. While there has been no confirmation as to what the succeeding iPhone will be like, people are banking on it to be just as awesome as the iPhone 8 and iPhone X.

Apple, being a creature of habit, always makes their annual iPhone announcements in early September (usually on a Tuesday or Wednesday) and typically launches for retail in mid-September (typically on a Friday). While nothing has been confirmed so far, Apple fanatics are already banking on the next Apple release to be iPhone 9. Because how can there be an iPhone X without an iPhone 9? Is it because 7, 8, 9?


Embarrassingly corny jokes aside (and while there’s a good chance it won’t be called iPhone 9), iPhone 9 seems to be the obvious choice if they were to release a successor to iPhone 8. However, the problem is that Apple also introduced iPhone X last year. This would somehow imply that naming 2018’s next iPhone as iPhone 9 would be a bit of a downgrade. But one can only assume… for now.

Rumor has also been going around that the new iPhone will have a super retina display with 2436 × 1125-pixel resolution, a face ID feature in place of the touch ID fingerprint sensor, an Apple A12 chip that should be faster than the current Apple A11 Bionic chip, a better battery life and a patented long-range wireless charging capacity. Sweet deal right? Makes you wonder how much it will cost. Though we can’t give you the exact numbers right now, you can definitely expect a hefty fee. And the final, most important question is: will it be just as breakable as the iPhone X? We hope not. Regardless, Liquipel has you covered.

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*Images from Apple*