6 Fun Outdoor Activities for Valentine’s Day

If you’re anything like us at Liquipel, you’d be bored of the usual Valentine’s Day dinner and movie dates by now. And this is where the dilemma, “Oh, no! I don’t know what to do on Valentine’s Day!” begins. Lucky for you, we’ve already thought this through. Here are 6 out-of-the-box Valentine’s Day activities that you and your significant other (or friends, if you’re single) can do:


Outdoor concert-going.

Relax and enjoy the outdoor weather with a bottle of cool, crisp beer and soothing music. This is a fun way for you and your SO to unwind, dance and laugh.



This time of the year is perfect for stargazing because the cold weather makes room for a clearer atmosphere. If the night sky is clear and the moon isn’t shining as bright as it should on the 14th, head to the hills and enjoy the blanket of stars.


Food-truck hunting.

If the whole outdoor gourmet experience fascinates you, then you should definitely hunt down the best food trucks in your area. It’s fun, it’s unique and it’s going to fill your tummies with nothing but the best treats the city streets have to offer.



Going camping may just be what you and your significant other needs to keep the fire burning. We don’t know about you, but there’s just something about the seclusion, campfires and gorgeous sceneries that sets the mood and makes you want to cuddle next to your SO even tighter. Not to mention… SMORES!


Nature bike riding, hiking or trail running.

If it’s not snowing where you’re at, you can go ahead and arrange for any of the three. Not only will you be getting your endorphins and heart rates going, you will also be able to create unforgettable memories along the way. You can even go into town, grab iced coffees and watch people pass by afterwards.


River rafting.

If you and your SO feel like your relationship is stuck in a rut, then you should definitely go for some river rafting. The scary and adventurous nature of this activity helps produce adrenaline that strengthens your bond as a couple as well as reignite the excitement and passion.


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