5 Mother’s Day Gifts for Globe-Trotting Women

Only a few more days before Mother’s Day and we want to help you find the perfect gift! If you have a jetsetter for a mother, you can thank her by making her travels a lot more comfortable with one of these accessories.


Flight pillow.

Image from http://travelcomfortguru.com/juning-neck-support-plane-pillow-review/

Airplane seats can be uncomfortable, unless your mom decides to splurge on first-class seats. If she’s on a budget, however, you can still make sure that she gets all the shuteye she needs by giving her a flight pillow that has optimal neck support and can easily be stored away once her plane lands. It’s going to look weird, but your mom won’t be able to deny how easy it will be for her to grab a few relaxing Zs along the way.


Portable warmth.

Environmental temperatures can be fickle no matter where you are in the world, sweltering one minute and freezing the next. In times when it gets too chilly, make sure your mom is covered — literally! A lightweight scarf is a safe bet if she frequents tropical places and a woolly one for wintery destinations. Get her something that blends perfectly with most of her wardrobe so she won’t have a hard time picking out what outfit to wear with it for the day.


Noise-cancelling headphones.

Help your mom relax better on the way to her destination with a pair of durable noise-cancelling headphones. These bad boys will not only effectively block out loud-talking travelers and screaming babies, but also let her enjoy her music with incredible sound quality.


Lightweight luggage.

Image from https://www.tripsavvy.com/what-to-pack-in-your-carry-on-bag-2973050

Pro tip: Carry-ons. Reward mom with an ultra-light and sturdy carry-on so she can save time by not having to check her luggage in each time she needs to hop on a plane. Something with a polycarbonate shell, water-repellent zipper, and TSA-friendly lock should do the trick. Moreover, if you want to make your gift extra special, grab one that looks stylish, too!


Four-layer phone protection cases.

Make sure mom has one last thing to worry about by giving her a case that is designed to make her phone indestructible. Something with an impact-resistant ArmorTek case and nanoshock impact screen protector like Liquipel’s SafeGuard Black Edition Protection Bundle. She could accidentally drop her phone and not have it suffer any cracks or scratches because of SafeGuard Black’s four-layer defense mechanism. It’s a pretty great gift, especially with Liquipel’s $150 product guarantee!


So, which one are you getting your mom this Mother’s Day?