5 Top Gifts for the Adventurous Dad

While some people have the lame indoor-type fathers to deal with, yours is the guy who won’t let age get in between his love for the great outdoors. He’s always antsy to be with nature as much as he can, going on camping trips with his friends or sometimes with you and your siblings. There is nothing he hates more than to go an entire month being cooped up in in the house, no matter how comfortable it can be.

This Father’s Day, let your adventurous old man know how much you appreciate him by giving him one of these accessories to keep him happy and excited for his next outdoor adventure!


Multi-tool survival kit.

Image from https://thepreppingguide.com/the-smallest-survival-kit/

These tools could range from quality carbon steel blades to a mini-survival guidebook, just as long as they can snugly fit inside a palm-sized, airtight case — perfect for when situations go awry.


Comfortable and durable hiking boots.

Dad could use some comfortable lace-up leather boots, especially if he loves a weekly hike on uneven terrain. The perfect hiking boots should be lined with a soft, breathable fabric and have a rubber outsole that offers impressive traction. And while you’re at it, make sure these boots look good, too!


Large, sturdy tent.

If you take after your dad when it comes to the love of the great outdoors, a spacious tent would make an awesome gift not just for your old man, but also for everyone else in the family. Get a large tent that features large windows, mesh vents, and a dome-shaped interior for maximum comfort. Something that dad can set up in a matter of 10 minutes should be perfect.


Vacuum insulated thermos.

Regardless of what your dad’s activity of choice is, whether it’s camping, fishing, or hiking, the vacuum insulation of a durable thermos will keep his afternoon beer cool and morning coffee hot, making it the perfect outdoor beverage companion. The best part is that he can now completely forgo cheap plastic cups because these thermoses will hold up over time nicely.


Reliable smartphone protective case.

Get dad’s smartphone the kind of protection it deserves. An ArmorTEK phone protection case is your best bet if you want something that can provide optimum impact protection, heat regulation, and non-slip grip.

Products like Liquipel’s SafeGuard Black Edition is all that, plus a classy twist! It also comes with a $150 guarantee so that dad can stop worrying about his phone and start living his best life. Go to www.liquipel.com today!