Liquid Screen Protector vs. Tempered Glass Protector: Which one is better?

As shiny, top-of-the-line gadgets make their way into your clumsy hands, what do you do to keep them in pristine condition? Shield them with a slab of tempered glass? Or a liquid screen protector perhaps? Both have been proven to do a good job when it comes to keeping smartphone screens intact. Each one has different specialties that make them worth investing in. This is why the answer as to which option is the best for you mainly depends on what your lifestyle prerequisites are on a day-to-day basis.

This article will help you decide on whether the tempered glass or the liquid screen protector will suit you and your needs best. Read the rest of the article below to find out which type of screen protector is superior to the other.


Tempered Glass


Majority of tempered glass screen protectors are highly durable, with some having a specified hardness rating of 6 or 8. While not indestructible, tempered glass screen protectors give ample protection against scratches. Some of these products are fortified with titanium, enabling them to give reliable impact protection and making them 4 to 6 times stronger than their garden-variety counterparts.


Accessibility and cheaper price
Tempered glass screen protectors are easy to find. Look up most online stores and you can get them for a dollar a pop. Being so much cheaper than liquid screen protectors, it’s tempting to opt for tempered glass since it’s easily replaceable once it breaks.



Sleekness plays a big role when it comes to purchasing a smartphone. So when you slap on a thick, inconspicuous tempered glass screen protector on your new iPhone X, it loses the aesthetics that – let’s face it – was most probably a major part of what you paid for.


It takes a special person with a certain amount of patience to attach a tempered glass screen protector perfectly sans bubbles. And if you don’t possess the skill to handle the whole process swimmingly, any rogue hair, dust particle, or air is enough to leave you with a very frustrating air bubble.


Ruins HD screen display
As mentioned above, bubbles can be frustrating but inevitable when it comes to tempered glass screen protectors. Visible scratches are the same, too. Now, imagine watching an HD movie with all these distractions on your screen. Annoying, right?


There are thousands of different device types that need reliable screen protection, making it virtually impossible to create a one-size-fits-all tempered glass protector. The worst part is that if manufacturers discontinue your device’s product, you will have no other way of protecting your unit.


Affects sensitivity of touchscreen
Since tempered glass screen protectors directly go on top of your device’s screen, it gets in the way of responsiveness and performance. Yikes!


Susceptible to breakage
It’s true, tempered glass screen protectors do have a tendency to smash to smithereens. This can pose a safety hazard for people using them, especially those who have children. They also easily get cracks around the edges and corners.



Liquid Screen Protection



Ease of application
All liquid screen protectors come as a set and the application is as simple as 1-2-3-4. First, clean your device’s screen with the alcohol solution to clean the debris and grease off. Second, buff the screen with the microfiber cloth. Third, apply the liquid screen protector solution and wait a while until it dries. Fourth, using the same microfiber cloth, wipe off any excess solution and buff the screen up until it achieves a high-gloss finish.


Because of the steps you take to clean the screen from debris, you will get a very smooth, bubble-free finish.


On a hardness scale that only goes up to 10, some liquid screen protectors come with a 9 rating, which means they are as strong as sapphire and only one point weaker than diamond. And unless you walk around with diamonds in the same pocket or bag you keep your devices in, you can be assured that you have a dependable scratch protector for your device.


Unlike tempered glass screen protectors that don’t accommodate bent screens, you get a full-screen safeguard from scratches and cracks with liquid screen protectors. Whether your device is a smartphone, tablet, sat nav, PSP, LED, LCD, or any medical equipment, it doesn’t matter. Just wipe them on and you’re good to go.


Apart from being easier to clean, liquid screen protectors also feature an antimicrobial surface, making your devices safe for you and your children to use.


Touch responsiveness
Since you no longer need to slap on a sheet of glass directly on top of your device’s screen, there is nothing in the ay of every subtle tap and touch.


Highly transparent
Minus the bubbles and the visible scratches, you will get to enjoy a full HD experience on your screen from all angles thanks to the liquid screen protector’s high-gloss finish. You also get to keep your phone’s sleekness in the process.



While some tempered glass screen protectors retail for $1 and some liquid screen protectors go for $14 or $15, it’s important to note that the latter usually lasts longer. So, it’s a matter of deciding which product gives you more bang for your buck.


The exceedingly clear nature of liquid screen protectors makes it hard to ensure that you got your screen’s surface area completely covered. You can avoid this blunder by applying the solution in a highly methodical way.



All angles considered, both the tempered glass protector and liquid screen protector do an excellent job at keeping your expensive device’s screen unscathed. However, it’s easy to see which one is superior to the other.

The liquid screen protector’s exceedingly easy, bubble-free application and strength catapult the product a few notches higher than the tempered glass protector. Another advantage of the liquid screen protector that’s worth pointing out is its universality — it doesn’t discriminate against devices with curved screens, which is great news for all its fans out there! For what it’s worth, its capacity to fortify an entire device’s screen and keep it sleek and perfect is worth every penny.

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