How To Choose The Right Protective Case For Your Smartphone

As phones become smarter, their durability suffers. Looking at this trend, one would presume that the need for a reliable phone protection case is higher than ever.

So, the questions is: Do you know about phone protection cases enough to be able to pick out the best one? Here are 4 tips that will make finding the right smartphone protection case so much easier!


Think about what kind of protection you need.

First, you need to ask yourself questions like, “What kind of lifestyle do I lead?”, “Am I sedentary, or active?”, “Am I a couch potato, or an adrenaline junkie?” In order to get the best protection for your phone, you must take the things you do on a daily basis into consideration.

If you’re careful or don’t like to do anything too rough, then you can use any case that offers basic protective elements. However, if you love jumping off from planes or buildings, your phone can benefit from some serious protection. We’re talking about protection that lives up to military-level, MIL-SPEC defense specifications — substantial impact-resistant ArmorTEK protection cases.


Decide on what extra features you want.

Now that you’ve established what level of phone case protection you need, you can choose what features they must have to best suit your needs. Do you watch a lot of movies on your phone? A landscape stand that has a 360-degree hinge might come in handy. Have an extra fragile phone with an equally fragile screen? Protection cases with nanoshock screen protectors are your best bet. Make a list of what you think is critical for your needs and turn it into a checklist for reference.



Next is to do your homework on both the case and its manufacturer. Look for reviews from past customers so you can get a whiff of the quality they provide. Find reviews with photos in online forums so you can make sure the case you want comes complete with all the ports and button covers. Also make sure the cutouts are in the right places, especially the camera, charger, and earphone ports.


Look for the best price.

Doing comparison research is always the best course of action. Comparing prices enables you to find the best price for the case that you want. Most of the time, buying from the manufacturers themselves or their official distributors will give you the best price. Doing so will also ensure that you are not buying knock-off items. Manufacturers and their official distributors, for the most part, will also offer product guarantees, so that’s always a great incentive.


It’s rare to find an actual case that ticks off every item on this checklist, which is why companies like Liquipel make it their mission to give their customers only the best and most reliable smartphone protection in the market in the form of their SafeGuard Black Edition Protection Bundle!

For only $39.99, you get a military-grade ArmorTEK case that absorbs and spreads out blunt force impact uniformly to keep damage as minimal as possible, dissipates heat properly, and has a non-slip handgrip. It also comes with a nanoshock screen protector as well as a $150 “You Break It, We Fix It” guarantee!

Visit www.liquipel.com today to find out where you can get one of these smartphone protection packages for yourself!