The Best Travel Hacks That You Should Practice

Plane rides, airport security checks, theft, and other travel dilemmas are always horrible. Even the most well-traveled people are still unimpressed by the very little progress in terms of comfort and convenience. The good news is that these same jet-setters have found ways around the common problems and made the worst vacations a tad tolerable. Here are some of the best travel hacks in terms of:


Securing money.

Wallet with hundred dollar bills; with laptop in the background.

Is there any feeling more paralyzing than being stuck abroad while having absolutely no access to your hard-earned money? Whatever your reason is – whether the ATM ate your card, someone stole your purse, or the airline lost your luggage – you can avoid being at the mercy of strangers or putting your safety at risk by either bringing a spare credit card, keeping your cash in separate places, or wearing a money belt.


Securing other important things.

Overhead shot of map with US passport, Polaroid camera, sunglasses, digital camera, and laptop scattered all around.

Losing your luggage or carry-on could spell disaster when you’re traveling abroad. It is important that you anticipate such a dilemma and take the necessary steps to mitigate the inconveniences.

With financial security issues already out of the way, your passport is the second thing you need to keep safe. Email high-quality PDFs of your passport to yourself, just in case you lose it along with your luggage.

Also, take an unlocked GSM phone with you so you can buy SIM cards anywhere for cheap prices. This makes calling friends and family easier in case of an emergency.


Packing stuff.

Luggage filled with clothes, sanitary wipes, digital camera, toiletries, makeup, hat, shoes, and journal.

Whether you’re going on a 2-day beach getaway or a month-long European backpacking excursion — you’ll need to pack a bag, and you’re going to want to keep it right and light.

Start by prepacking your toiletry bag so you can avoid spiraling into a panic frenzy the night before your flight.

You also need to collect travel- and sample-sized toiletries before your trip since they always come in handy during travel.

For power cords, storing them in old sunglass cases will keep you sane for the entirety of the trip.

Remember to stash several pairs of underwear in your carry-on just in case your luggage decides to go MIA.

If you’re worried about your soiled clothes stinking up your fresh ones, throw in one of those free hotel soaps into your laundry bag.

Finally, to avoid lugging your giant carry-on around while sightseeing, pack your expensive gadgets in smaller, more secured bags so it will be easy to take them anywhere.


Safeguarding gadgets.

Picture of hand holding a smartphone with the sea as background.

As mentioned above, bringing a smaller bag for your gadgets is one of the most effective ways to ensure their safety while you travel. Another way to keep them secured is by making sure they are protected from damage with unbreakable, military-grade cases made out of sturdy ArmorTek material.

If you already have a dedicated protection case for your device, it still pays to invest in a screen protector that is going to keep your device’s display flawless. There are wipe-on liquid screen protectors that have a 9 hardness rating – equivalent to sapphire – in the market today. All you have to do is to invest time in researching about what brand will best suit your needs best.


Befriending locals.

Image of four people happy, smiling, dancing, laughing, and talking.

Don’t be shy! Locals are your best bet for having the most awesome time in any destination. All you have to do is make an effort. Learn a little bit of their language and customs, hang out where they hang out, strike up a conversation with them — the possibilities are endless! You know you’re doing it right if you hang with the locals because by doing so, not only are you guaranteed to have fun, you also decrease your chances of being ripped off.


Riding planes.

Man with bonnet on his head and camera on his shoulders looking up at flight schedules at the airport.

Unless you’re flying first-class, plane rides can get uncomfortable. Fortunately, there are a lot of things you can do to make them less horrible.

One of them is working out before your flight. Even just 10 minutes of yoga can give you enough endorphins to help reduce any pre-trip nerves you may have.

Another good hack is to wear cargo pants and jackets with many pockets. This way, you now have a third carry-on for all your extra stuff and they would all be very easily accessible.

To save on your drinks, take an empty drink container with you before you go through airport security. Once you’re inside, you can fill it with hot water for your tea or coffee so you can stay hydrated and avoid getting jet lag.


While there is no guarantee that you will never encounter any inconveniences while traveling, at least you can still apply the travel hacks mentioned above to manage them properly and possibly salvage any chance, however small, there is at having a great time. Safe travels!