8 Tips To Hack-proof Your Smartphone

The digital age has opened a Pandora’s box full of malware attacks and data breaches. Most hackers find the layperson’s smartphone an easy target since it has access to credit card, bank account, and all other sensitive personal information that they can exploit. Securing your smartphone is the only way to prevent your sensitive data from falling into the wrong hands. While there is no surefire way to keep hackers at bay all the time, you can still benefit from following the 8 simple tips that will help hack-proof your smartphone below.


Tip #1

Lit up smartphone in the dark with icons on the screen.

While it can become annoying to be constantly reminded to update your apps, it’s still advisable to avoid pressing Update Later. Delaying app updates can expose your smartphone to old security hiccups that have already been fixed in the updated version. Allow automatic app updates on your smartphone so you no longer have to do it manually.


Tip #2

Restaurant sign that says Free WiFi Inside.

Connecting to unknown or public WiFi networks may seem harmless, but it can make you vulnerable to Man-in-the-Middle (MitM) attacks, which can compromise access to email accounts and lead to malicious code execution. Avoid unknown or public WiFi networks if you can. If you must use them, make sure to utilize a VPN app to encrypt your online traffic.


Tip #3

Smartphone screen with airplane mode, WiFi, Bluetooth, and Mobile Data icons on the screen.

Turn off your Bluetooth or NFC interfaces when not in use since they, just like unsecured WiFi networks, can expose your smartphone to MitM attacks.


Tip #4

Man holding an iPhone X with active screen, complete with apps on it.

Making sure that your smartphone’s OS is in its latest version is a good way to avoid becoming susceptible to inconveniences caused by the old version’s vulnerabilities.


Tip #5

Woman with pink nails holding an Apple iPhone with Find My iPhone app opened.

Device locator apps that have remote data wipe capabilities are a must-have in case of loss or theft. Apple devices have this built-in, while other brands would need manual installation.


Tip #6

Man in a cafe holding an iPhone with the email application open; right next to it is an iced coffee.

Never access any messages from unknown sources, may it be from emails or instant messaging platforms. Opening these messages or clicking on links inside it will most likely exploit your OS’s vulnerabilities and mine your sensitive data.


Tip #7

Man holding an iPhone with the passcode or touch ID screen activated; set with a blue background.

Restrict unauthorized access to your smartphone or sensitive applications by using a pin code or a reputable third-party app lock service.


Tip #8

Person holding a smartphone with activated screen, complete with active apps; with a MacBook in the background.

Jailbreaking or rooting smartphones can increase their functionality but it will also compromise built-in defense systems and cause manufacturers to forfeit warranties. Jailbreaking and rooting smartphones will also lead to OS upgrade difficulties. Avoid them at all costs.


Smartphones have become so intertwined with daily living that it’s almost impossible to function without them. Always be mindful of your smartphone and use the tips above to keep it safe from hackers. Good luck, keep safe, and enjoy the digital life!