How Long Do Smartphones Last Before Biting The Dust?

No matter how great a smartphone is, it is not made to last forever. So, how long do smartphones really last? In this article, we will talk about the factors that affect a smartphone’s performance and what you can do to keep it running optimally for as long as you can.


Battery Life

Person holding his iPhone while charging it.

Battery life is the principal indicator of your smartphone’s overall health. As with all things, batteries degrade with time and there is no avoiding it. However, there are ways to slow down its inevitable fate. For one, you must charge and discharge your battery according to your smartphone manufacturer’s recommendations. For another, you should avoid putting too much stress on your smartphone’s battery by maintaining it at moderate temperatures. If you do these things religiously, your battery can last a good 3 years, depending on the make and model.


Foreign Factors

Person holding moist iPhone.

Over time, dust, moisture, and other types of grime and debris can get into your smartphone’s ports. This elevates your smartphone’s temperature, causing problems with the battery life and performance.


Software Updates

iPhone on table with active apps on the screen that are being updated.

For the most part, software updates keep your smartphone’s operating system in optimal condition. If you regularly update your smartphone’s OS, it should perform well for the next 3 years. However, there’s a risk in doing so. When a new software update is not compatible to your smartphone’s operating system, this can cause your device to become buggy and experience crashes.


Shattered Screens

iPhone falling on the ground and is about to break.

Once your smartphone’s screen gets shattered, your chances of cutting your fingers with every swipe is high and your ability to read important texts is hampered. Most of the time, smartphones with shattered screens become instantly unusable. The good news is that there are reliable protection products in the market that will help you protect your smartphone’s screen from cracking. And the best part? It costs significantly less than the amount you would be paying if you get your shattered screen repaired.


In conclusion, with proper maintenance and handling and the right kind of screen protection products, your smartphone can stay in top shape for 3 to 4 years before you need to upgrade to a new one. Anything we missed? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!