Are Bezel-less Smartphones The Future?

A bezel is the frame around anything that has a display, such as smartphones and televisions. TV and computer monitor manufacturers have been successfully providing frameless designs for a while now and it looks like smartphone innovators are following suit. In the quest to give us the perfect smartphone aesthetic, manufacturers have made it their mission to get rid of the bezel completely.

Bezel0less smartphone with artsy pink watercolor.

The idea of a bezel-less phone has been buzzing in manufacturers’ brains and consumers’ ears for years, but it’s only quite recently that we’ve seen devices that attempt to go in that direction first hand. Note that we said “attempt” because, while they have definitely went for bigger displays and smaller bodies, they can’t quite get it right. At least not yet, especially since bezel-less smartphones come with some compromise.

While smartphone manufacturers have found a way to address speakers, the home button, and the fingerprint sensor, they still haven’t wrapped their heads around the front-facing camera. Living in the selfie age has made dealing with the front camera a sticky issue. Some smartphone manufacturers’ answer to this dilemma is by placing a notch somewhere on the top or at the bottom — either solution takes away from the overall design. It seems like the only way to make smartphones truly bezel-less is if they can figure out how to place the front camera right under the display and still provide a seamless viewing experience.

Bezel-less smartphone with sea as screen background.

Another hurdle manufacturers have to overcome is that there is nowhere to rest your fingers while viewing your screen. Without the bezels, nothing is going to stop your digits from accidentally triggering the touchscreen and pausing a video you’re watching whenever you need to adjust your grip.

Experts would also argue that cutting down the bezels makes the phone more fragile than it already is. While slapping on a bulky yet reliable protective case is the easy fix, it certainly detracts from the entire premise of a truly bezel-less smartphone — beautiful, flawless, futuristic design. Call it shallow, but we’re all willing to shell out a few extra bucks and sacrifice some functionalities for an aesthetic that takes our breaths away.

Will there be a truly bezel-less smartphone in the future? We’ll just have to wait and see. When that day comes, Liquipel is ready to protect bezel-less smartphone screens without ruining the seamless feel with their innovative Invisible Screen Protection bundle. This wipe-on liquid glass screen protector boasts a level 9 sapphire hardness and comes with a “You Break It, We Fix It” guarantee so that your smartphone will be truly protected from scratches and cracks, bezel-less or not.

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