Five Fun iPhone Facts

Apple rumormongers have set their sights on the new iPhones that came out during the first half of this month. These three new iPhones are to officially replace the iPhone X, which Apple will no longer be selling in their stores. It seems that the iPhone just keeps getting better and better ever since its release. To celebrate Apple’s dedication to innovation, here are five weird and interesting iPhone facts you should know about.


Verizon and Apple partnership wasn't meant to be.

#1. Verizon turned down an exclusive Apple partnership.

Apple sought to collaborate with Verizon before the first iPhone launch. However, given Apple’s typically stringent demands, Verizon turned down the offer. This prompted Apple to turn to Cingular (now AT&T).


9:41 is always the time in iPhone ads.

Image from http://phoneinf.com/2017/12/08/three-new-iphones-for-2018-rumors/

#2. 9:41 is always the time in iPhone ads.

This is because Apple designs its product launches in a way that the big product reveal happens somewhere around 40 minutes into the presentation. They want the time on their iPhone to be the same as the time on their audiences’, taking into account that they might not hit the 40-minute mark exactly.


Samsung, Apple’s archrival, makes the iPhone’s processors.

#3. Samsung, Apple’s archrival, makes the iPhone’s processors.

While both companies constantly trash each other with their ads, they have declared a truce when it comes to working on their processors. According to experts who analyzed the hardware under an electron microscope, Apple ceded power over their computer chips to Samsung in order to keep the iPhone competitive.


The original iPhone prototype display was plastic

#4. The original iPhone prototype display was plastic.

When Steve Jobs noticed how scratched up his iPhone’s plastic display was after slipping it inside his pocket with his keys, Apple opted that glass was the better option.


iPhone was originally intended to have plastic glass.

#5. iPhone was originally intended to have plastic glass.

Every other smartphone used plastic glass at the time. However, Apple wanted to raise the bar higher and opted for the more expensive Corning Gorilla Glass.



There were also rumors that the iPhone 6 would come with a sapphire-based screen. Sapphire, according to various accounts, is a phenomenal material that is able to resist scratches. Corning’s Gorilla Glass is also fairly scratchproof, but not as good as sapphire.

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