What’s New This 2018: Apple’s New iPhones Make A Splash

Apple is launching a trio of new iPhones that will lure in consumers who sat out last year's introduction of the iPhone X, which was the company's most noteworthy release in several years.

The new phones include the iPhone XS – essentially a new version of the X – along with the XS Max, which offers all the same features but on a larger 6.5-inch display. These phones, which start at $999 and $1,099, respectively, feature top-of-the-line OLED displays and are geared toward the super-premium phone customer. There’s also the iPhone XR, which is the cheaper iPhone in this lineup and shares the design and many of the same specs as its two top-tier counterparts. Unfortunately, the iPhone XR won’t be available until October 26. If you're looking for an iPhone X this year, you have to settle for any of the three new releases because there's no longer an iPhone X in the Apple lineup.

Apple iPhone XS active screen view and partial back view.

Regardless which of the three consumers may choose, they’re going to have to say goodbye to the Home button. The introduction of the new lineup marks the first time that Apple hasn’t included a model with the once-iconic feature since the invention of the iPhone more than a decade ago.

Gold Apple iPhone XS Max front view with colorful active screen and partial back view.

As the entry-level model in the new iPhone X series, the XR doesn’t include all the same technology as its pricier siblings. While its LCD screen can also be very high-quality, the generally more expensive OLEDs are known for their blacker blacks and nearly unlimited viewing angles.

Red Apple iPhone XR front view with red active screen and several model angle variations in the background.

In addition to the screen variation, the XR has just one rear camera, while the other new phones feature dual-rear cameras. The combination of wide-angle and close-up cameras make taking fancy portraits with blurred backgrounds – an effect known in photography as “bokeh” – much easier, though Apple says this effect will still be possible with the XR through the use of specific software.

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