The iPhone XS Max VS iPhone XS: Which Screen Is Stronger?


Apple’s so-called "most durable glass ever" on their new iPhone XS Max and iPhone XS may not be worth the hefty price tags. iPhones are notorious for being fragile. Even more so their fresh drops. The new iPhones have a glass front and glass back, which makes wireless charging possible.

According to device insurer SquareTrade, the new iPhones are most likely to break once dropped from 6 feet above solid concrete, or when spun in a tumbler. With the new phones’ all-glass designs, the conclusion that the iPhones broke each time they were put under stress is unsurprising.

However, when they were dropped face first, the iPhone XS Max fared better than its smaller twin. When the iPhone XS Max’s touchscreen cracked, it was still functional. The iPhone XS, on the other hand, was rendered useless. This earned them the durability scores of 70 (medium risk) and 86 (high risk), respectively — both better than the now-discontinued iPhone X’s score of 90.

If you don’t have insurance or AppleCare, you can expect repair fees for the new iPhones to be between $280 and $600, probably more. Yikes!

While no one can change this tragic fact, steps to lessen chances of shattering these iPhones’ screens come plenty. One option is to get Liquipel’s liquid screen protectors that have a 9-point hardness factor and provide a $100 “You Break It, We Fix It” guarantee. Another option is to invest in insurance, just to be safe.

Are they worth the money? That’s another conversation for another day.