3 Apps to Keep Your Child Safe on Halloween

Only a little over 3 weeks before Halloween and before hordes of children take to the streets and amass a fortune in the form of sugary treats. While the dressing up is all for fun and games, the dangers of your child going out unattended at night are real. As a parent, worrying is completely normal. The good news is that if you own a smartphone, you can download these three free apps to keep your little rascal safe.


American Red Cross First Aid

For accidents caused by hard-to-maneuver costumes or difficult-to-tone-down excitement, the Red Cross’ app is just the thing to give you peace of mind. It has all the illustrations, instructional videos, and information to address what to do when someone scraped a knee, twisted an ankle, or – God forbid – choked on a jawbreaker.


FBI Child ID

The FBI has created an app that lets you create a complete identification record for your child, including date of birth, height, distinguishing features, and weight, among others. We know it’s awful to think about child abduction on a night when your child is going out unattended while taking candy from strangers, but it happens. The more steps you take to ensure your child’s safety, the better.



Life360 is a location-tracking app that allows you to view your child’s location on a map. The app also allows you to create virtual fences to let you know they’ve roamed outside the approved territory.


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