What Is Oleophobic Phone Screen Coating?

First thing’s first, "oleophobic" refers to a type of material that repels oils. This means that it can keep smudges off of any smooth surface, especially glass panels. Smartphone manufacturers started playing with the material in order to prevent grease from users’ fingers from creating annoying smears on their phone screens. While oleophobic coating makes your phone in no way immune to fingerprints, it does make it easy for you to wipe smudges off of it by simply using a soft, lint-free cloth.

Water and oil interaction, a.k.a. oleophobic interaction in pink light.Remember how slippery your phone felt the first time you got it? Oleophobic coatings on gadgets make them feel slick to the touch, which helps in reducing friction and keeping scratches at bay. Unfortunately, the oleophobic coating wears off with time, depending on four things: Smartphone usage, user sweat acidity, polymer type, and polymer bonding procedure. Under perfect conditions, your phone’s oleophobic coating should last just as long as your phone does, which is a good two years (probably more). However, poor polymer quality, bad conditions, and misuse can contribute to your coating wearing out within months.

Water and oil interaction, a.k.a. oleophobic interaction.

So, how do you know if your phone’s oleophobic coating has worn off, or if it even had one in the first place? In times of doubt, turn off your phone and drip water on its entire screen. If the water droplets form tiny spheres, the oleophobic coating is still in good condition. If they merely plop all over the display, then it’s high time to reapply another layer of anti-grease coating.

Person holding moist iPhone.

There are plenty of cheap oleophobic coating kits in the market today. However, none of them quite measure up to the ones in the slightly high-price range. High-end products are not only oleophobic, but also host other incredible features, including level 9 sapphire hardness, premium impact protection, and antimicrobial properties.

Liquipel Invisible Screen Protection Bundle Liquid Wipe-on Glass Screen Protector

If you have a few extra bucks to spare, go for an oleophobic product with all the aforementioned features, and then some! With products like this, you can always reapply every few months whenever you feel like your phone needs an oleophobic coating touch-up. You’re almost guaranteed that your phone’s screen will look brand new for years to come.