Top 5 2018 Smartphones For Your Every Need

Big names in the mobile phone industry have been releasing a bunch of killer flagship smartphones since the start of 2018, dominating sales and lives of phone aficionados. Now, with less than two months before the year ends, making up your mind about which phone to buy is crucial to ensure that you’re on an even keel.


However, choosing one that fits your specific needs – whatever lifestyle you may have – has become even harder with the array of phones promising top-notch user experience; after all, everyone only wants to have the best.


To help you with this ordeal, we’ve listed this year’s top five smartphones that are up for your gaming, phone photography, and even hardcore adventure needs.


A hand holds a Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus with an active screen.

Image from: https://www.digitaledge.org/how-to-unlock-your-samsung-galaxy-s9-plus/

1.  Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus

Capturing life’s best moments has become attainable all thanks to today’s camera phones that we are able to take snapshots of important occasions on demand. And while we are on the subject, let me tell you that Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus tops all the phones out there when it comes to capturing the best photos. Its combined 24-megapixel rear snapper equipped with f/1.5+f/2.4 aperture and 8-megpaixel front camera let you take incredible photos even in low-light environments, raising the bar for camera phones upon its release.



Person wearing watch holds an Asus ROG Phone with an active screen.

Image from: https://beebom.com/asus-rog-phone-sale-august/

2. Asus ROG Phone

Mobile gamers, fix your eyes to this glorious phone built to help you win every match with its console-like gaming equipment. This high-end ROG gaming phone runs on 2.96 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor and is rigged with an 8GB RAM, providing users a quick, lag-free, and responsive gaming experience. It guarantees an ultrafast AMOLED display, so missing out on those minute details in the shadows is almost impossible.



An S-pen on an active Samsung Galaxy Note 9 showing a website.Image from: http://www.faz.net/aktuell/technik-motor/digital/samsung-note-9-ausprobiert-preise-daten-und-bilder-15726953.html3.

3. Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Released on September 15, Samsung Galaxy Note 9 gets work done. Its additional security options and 128GB entry-level storage capacity make keeping your data a breeze. While other smartphones offer the same elements, there is one feature that comes in handy – the DeX connection – that allows you to connect to other Samsung gadgets and to external monitor for a PC-like experience.



An active Land Rover Explore sitting on a green shrub is still functioning despite being exposed to extreme temperature.

Image from: https://www.cnet.com/news/land-rovers-explore-phone-wont-flake-out-halfway-up-a-cold-mountain/

4. Land Rover Explore

This newbie, underdog of a phone cannot be bullied by smartphone giants because when it comes to extreme adventures, this phone puts up a fight.


Suited for any outdoor activity, “Explore” can survive a 1.8-meter drop, extreme weather environments, and even underwater. Additionally, by adding an “adventure pack” module, the humungous 4000 mAh battery doubles its life.



An active iPhone XS on an old wooden surface shows its new  interface.Image from: https://www.tek.no/artikler/test-iphone-xs/446244

5. iPhone XS

Apple phones keep getting better and the latest addition to the lineup – the iPhone XS – did not disappoint. This gadget’s 5.8 OLED screen makes watching movies and TV shows worthwhile.


Other features include an A12 Bionic processor, a faster iOS 12 operating system as well as face ID recognition, and upgraded camera features. However, one that stands out is its liquid-resistance. Apple claims it can survive being underwater up to two meters (6.5 ft) for 30 minutes.


But if you’re unsure of this feature, you can make sure it is protected against anything with Liquipel’s Phone Protection Package.


This year’s flagship smartphones pride themselves with their leading features. However, these “innovative” leaps have been incremental, which begs the question: Are they worth it? Only users can tell.


What we can be sure of is you can always pay extra attention to safeguarding your phone because that’s what we do here at Liquipel.