Give Your Old iPhone a Speed Boost: Follow These Simple Steps

We all wish that our iPhones maintain their speed from the time we bought them, but that’s just wishful thinking. They all slow down as time goes by and frustratingly so.


All mobile devices tend to slow down over time as extra applications get installed and as memory fills up.


In a time when people want things to work instantaneously without glitches, this is a critical problem. Surprisingly, however, a staggering 141 million people still stick to iPhones 8, 7, 6, even 5 — the older iPhone models!

An active white iPhone 6s, settled on a wooden surface painted yellow on the right side and white on the left side, shows the applications installed in it.


This only means that these users endure slow or sometimes unresponsive performance from these phones one way or another. But some tweaks can save you the hassle.


Listed in this blog are several options that can speed up your phones.


1. Free up storage

Data from applications, photos, videos, and even text messages greatly slow down your phone. To make up for it, delete apps that you don’t use. Also, try deleting photos, videos, and messages that have been stagnant in your phone to free up some space and improve its speed.


2. No to background processes

As much as we want to refresh our applications constantly to make life easier, turning off background processes is beneficial to both your phone’s proper functioning and battery life. Why? The feature that allows your phone to refresh apps automatically is a process that occupies your device’s CPU and battery so disabling it is necessary to avoid system lags.


3. Clear your Safari data

Deleting all the stored data in your browser makes a ton of difference for your phone. Sure, you’ll find this inconvenient since all the URLs that you have visited will be erased and, in effect, no suggestions will appear for a while. But no matter, your phone will be faster anyway.


4. Delete your apps

Yes, you read that right. Deleting your apps will erase the accumulated data in your phone and, in effect, your phone will become faster. You can download your apps back afterward.


5. Don’t update your iOS

The public opinion that updating your phone makes it faster is not entirely wrong. However, the added software features and enhancements put a strain on your phone, making it function less efficiently.


6. Replace your iPhone’s battery

Aging battery packs can’t store a charge as well as they did when they were new, making them prone to overheating. To make up for this, send or bring in your phone to swap the old battery with a new one.


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In set in the photo is Liquipel's Safeguard Protection Bundle and beside it is hand holding an iPhone X with an active screen.

7. Reduce the graphics

Dial down the fancy parallax effect on icons and alerts by turning down the motion feature. Yes, I get that it adds a classic feel but turning it down will save you from future frustrations.


Additionally, don’t forget to disable even the see-through background effect as it slows down your phone’s performance as well.


8. Reset your iPhone

This drastic yet effective step will radically overhaul your phone as this will erase all media and data and reset all settings.


9. Restore to factory settings

Just like what it suggests, return your phone to the state it was when you bought it by restoring it to its factory settings. Although this will not restore your phone’s performance from when you bought it, this will give your phone a speed boost.