Apple’s iPhone XR Said to Top iPhone Sales

According to the Consumer Intelligence Research Partners, Apple’s iPhone XR accounted for 39% of sales, beating out a combined 26% for the XS and XS Max. It should be noted that the iPhone XR was launched only partway through the quarter on October 26.

Apple iPhones sales report chart in December 2017 and December 2018.

The news was expected, though as Apple repeatedly said that the XR topped iPhone sales every week since its launch, without offering any precise figures. The smartphone was expected to do well thanks to its $749 price tag while still sharing various attractive features like an edge-to-edge display, Face ID, and an A12 processor. It is able to tout its smaller price tag by foregoing features such as OLED technology and a second rear-facing camera sensor.


The trend and speculation around it was expected by many as Apple’s iPhones are reaching an all-time high in terms of their costs. With your average iPhone starting above $999, that is a definite premium that not everyone wants to pay for. Regardless, the iPhone is one of the most used and competitive smartphones in the market today.


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