Most Teens Own An iPhone, Want One As Their Next Smartphone

An astonishing 83% of US teens own an iPhone as of Spring 2019. The news comes in from investment bank Piper Jaffray’s semiannual “Taking Stock With Teens” survey where the company surveys around 8,000 high school students. The respondents of the survey were 54% male, 46% female, and had an average age of 16.3 years. To continue the trend, 86% of US teens expect their next smartphone to also be an iPhone, which matches an all-time high which was set in the Fall of 2018. These metrics continue to grow in Apple’s favor over the past few years.


What does this ultimately mean? It means that if you have an iPhone, protecting your device and keeping it in good condition will result in higher resale value than other smartphones and ultimately allow you to keep more money to yourself.


The popularity of the iPhone among teens means that these same users may tend to stick with them into adulthood. It also means that they are likely locked into the Apple ecosystem at an early age and have become accustomed to services such as iMessage, Apple Music, and iCloud, coupled with accessories like the AirPods and the Apple Watch.


You’ll want to consider keeping your iPhone safe by having screen protection for it in case you drop the device and are prone to cracked screens and you may want to consider upgrading to the SafeGuard Protection Package if you’re the type to keep your iPhone in mint condition for resale value.