Apple Releases New “Shot on iPhone” Film Featuring Female Wrestlers in Bolivia

Apple recently released another “Shot on iPhone” documentary film on their YouTube page, this time highlighting the “Flying Cholitas” which is an association of female wrestlers based in El Alto, Bolivia.


The film “Las Cholitas Voladoras” directed by Michael Johnson and Luisa Dorr, starts off by showing two women fighting in a wrestling ring dressed in bright colors. The 2 minute 24 second film mixes in wrestling with various shots of the mountains, wildlife, local scenery, with the ring being shown to have been set up in the middle of the countryside. All of scenes tout the impressive quality of the iPhone camera and the technology Apple has invested so heavily into to provide users with the capability of creating such videos themselves.


Aside from touting the cameras, this topic was likely chosen to emphasize the significance behind the story itself too. The Flying Cholitas is a several-year old association that wasn’t accepted by society and was the subject of much criticism at its start. It’s now described as courageous and an empowering activity for those involved.


For those of you who might not be familiar with the “Shot on iPhone” campaign, its designed to show off the imaging capabilities of the iPhone lineup with Apple regularly commissioning films from documentary producers that it ends up hosting on its own YouTube account. Some of still images from these videos are also used with a specific hashtag on social media to promote the Cupertino California giant, some of them are placed on billboards, and others are exhibited in stores. Other “Shot on iPhone” videos include an exploration of a future NFL Athlete, a nature-centric film, and surfers in Cuba.


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