The Creator Movement

Imagine this – you go about your regular day. Except, it’s all being captured through a lens and uploaded to a popular social sharing platform. To do this, you would need professional video equipment and expensive video editing software, right? False.


The world doesn’t operate that way anymore. You, a regular person, are now able to directly share with hundreds or thousands (if not more) your daily updates, rants, jokes, and projects with nothing more than the phone you’re probably using to read this blog. With apps like Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and more you can directly upload or live stream content with people across the globe. Professional equipment is no longer required or needed to make effective content. In some cases, you may be penalized for “too high” quality content as some apps are designed to share content directly for your phone’s camera.


Similarly, web apps such as YouTube and Vimeo are shifting more toward user-generated content that has been shot using only a phone rather than professional equipment that can cost tens of thousands of dollars. This developed a new niche that we like to call “The Creator Movement.”


As a creator, your main job is to provide consistent content that is rich and enjoyable. You can choose your niche as you like and all you have to do is wait for it and live your life! Do the things you love doing and probably are doing already, except record bits of it to create a montage or tutorial and you could find yourself at the top of the trending lists on any platform. In reality, this may seem difficult as most common niches are over saturated making it hard to stand out and gain traction. However, if you put a little creative twist on it and make it YOU-nique, there’s a very good chance that your channel or page could be the next viral and most-watched.


So why not take things into your own hands (literally) and try something new? The world keeps turning and is in desperate need for new content on a daily basis. Get out there and show the world what makes your life different and show off all the cool things you’re into. You might be surprised at just how many people are also into that very same thing and want to support you on your journey to more success.