The Apple Card: A New Kind of Credit Card

Apple’s latest invention was released on August 20th of 2019, the Apple Card.  The card was designed to help customers lead a healthier financial life and is available everywhere in the US. Customers can apply for the Apple Card through the Wallet app on iPhone in minutes and start using it right away with Apple Pay in stores, in apps and on websites across the web. Built with simplicity and backed by transparency and privacy, the Card has no fees, encourages customers to pay less interest, and offers an easy-to-understand view of spending with a new level of privacy and security.


With no physical card number, CVV security code, expiration date or signature on the card, Apple Card is more secure than any other Credit Card on the market today! Apple delivers a new experience only possible with the power of iPhone, including reaching support 24/7 by simply sending a text from Messages. To help customers better understand their spending, Apple Card uses machine learning and Apple Maps to clearly label transactions with merchant names and locations in the Wallet app and provides weekly and monthly spending summaries.


There are absolutely no fees associated with Apple Card, no annual, late, international or over-the-limit fees apply. Apple is partnering with Goldman Sachs as its issuing bank. Goldman Sachs will never share or sell data to third parties for marketing and advertising. Apple is also partnering with MasterCard to provide the support of a global payments network.


Apply now at - https://www.apple.com/apple-card/