Facebook Introduces New Dating App

History has proven Facebook’s ruthless approach to implementing various new ideas and platforms that start to become trending. The latest and greatest in these ideas? Dating. While you may have just started to give up all hope on previous dating apps like Tinder and Bumble, Facebook has bigger plans to integrate its family of products and resources to introduce a new match-making platform life never seen before.


However, many sources are scrutinizing the tech giant claiming that they hold “an unfair advantage” in the industry. Which, isn’t a theory that’s far out of reach. See, Facebook has been collecting data about everybody. Every like, every post, status update, interest, and even things that you may have looked at outside of the Facebook desktop/mobile apps. The term “cookies” get’s thrown around playfully with many people not realizing how bittersweet these “cookies” actually are.


Your internet digital footprint is your “I.P. Address.” This is a number assigned to your specific desktop or mobile device that essentially represents a digital version of you on the internet. “Cookies” is a term used to describe all the information that is being recorded and saved about you, the user.


How does this correspond to Facebook creating a dating app you may ask? Well, Facebook’s goal is to eliminate mismatching of couples by analyzing the interests of said “potential couple” and filtering out the users who don’t fit the profile! A really genius idea if you think about it, little scary, but genius! Will it work? Guess we’ll have to wait and see!