iPhone Party Trick

This one is for people on an iPhone 8 or newer device. A new trend has surfaced online, displaying the latest accessibility feature available on iOS 14! Did you know that the back-side Apple logo is touch-sensitive? Meaning, you can assign actions that activate when you tap the back of your phone!


To turn this feature on, navigate to Settings on your phone, then choose Accessibility > Touch > Back Tap.


From there, you can select from one of the many predesigned functions and assign up to two different functions, one if you tap twice and the other if you tap three times!


But the fun doesn’t stop there, ladies and gents - you can take this a step further and make custom actions to activate with the new Back Tap feature. Navigate to the “shortcuts” application on your phone and if you don’t know where that is, go to your home screen, swipe down, and type “Shortcuts” in the search bar!


In Shortcuts, you’re able to create other incredible actions such as toggling your built-in flashlight, taking screenshots, navigating back to home or between pages/apps, and more.


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