Maximizing Your Battery Life & Device Performance

Despite the cultural ‘norm’ of plugging in your phone and letting it charge (and overcharge) overnight, many industry professionals and tech companies suggest adopting new practices proven to help dramatically increase your device’s battery health.

First, you will want to ensure that your device has the latest software version installed on it. Tech companies send out updates that help devices power manage and decrease overall energy consumption.

Second, your device uses power from a Lithium battery designed to operate well in a wide range of ambient temperatures; however, take into consideration that the ideal temperature range is between 62° to 72° F (16° to 22° C). There is a danger zone while using or charging (95° F or greater) the device that is crucially damaging to your battery’s health.


If you’re storing your device, a note to consider is to start storing the device (by shutting it down) once the battery has around 50% life remaining.

iphone x, iphone x max, and iphone x mini with active screens are lined up on a peach table

A third note, if you’re on the latest iOS version, navigate to settings, battery, battery health, and ensure “Optimized Battery Charging” is turned on (specifically for iPhones.) This feature allows your phone to control the flow of electricity it receives from your charger cable or wireless charger and can shut off all electrical flow when it has reached a ‘full charge’ automatically!


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Recharging iPhone device using Liquipel POWERTEK 6-foot long stylish blue glitter Lightning cable.

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